Turkey Life Guide – Information related to life in Turkey

Marmaris in Turkey


Marmaris is one of the most beautiful places of Turkey. Marmaris attracts many tourists with its natural beauties and historical places. Mediterranean climate is seen in Marmaris. The population is around 100,000. Known first settlement date BC 3400. It is possible to see the traces of the civilizations of Karia, Rhodes and Ada, Egypt, Assyrian, […]

Places to be seen in Turkey

Giant sculpture place Nemrut There is a giant sculpture of 7 meters between the lion and eagle sculptures in the national park located in the Kahta district of Adıyaman and housing the ancient city of Commagene kingdom. The region is ideal for history enthusiasts.   History and mystery look together You can spend a natural […]

How to make Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee, has an important place in Turkish culture. It is usually served after breakfast or in the evenings. It is a taste that is recognized all over the world. Optionally with or without sugar as potable. If you drink Turkish coffee with someone, you will be friends with that person for forty years. How […]

Interesting Traditions Relating to Birht

In some areas, pregnant women wear “nazar boncuğu”.It is believed that the “nazar boncuğu” protects from bad looks. What pregnant women want to eat is brought to them immediately.If pregnant women want sour food, it is believed that the child is a girl. If she wants sweet food, the child is thought to be a man. […]

Renting House and Expenses in Turkey

rent house

House Rentals in Turkey Especially in big cities like Istanbul, rents are quite expensive. However, rentals in the districts and in the countryside are quite cheap. The rents of 2 + 1 apartments in a good neighborhood in Istanbul vary between 1600 TL and 2500 TL. In south and eastern parts of Turkey, rents are […]

Education in Turkey

12 years of education in Turkey is obligatory. Fines are awarded to children whose children are not sent to the school. Compulsory education is applied in 3 stages. Primary school education lasts 4 years, secondary school education 4 years and high school education 4 years. Every child aged 66 months is automatically enrolled in the […]