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Education in Turkey

12 years of education in Turkey is obligatory. Fines are awarded to children whose children are not sent to the school. Compulsory education is applied in 3 stages. Primary school education lasts 4 years, secondary school education 4 years and high school education 4 years.

Every child aged 66 months is automatically enrolled in the primary school closest to their home. If the child`s development is inadequate, the school process may be delayed by the doctor`s report. Students are required to take English lessons from the second semester.

When students finish elementary school, they are automatically enrolled in the nearest secondary school. If students want their parents to go to another school, another school is recorded. In secondary school, there are religious and ethical values, language knowledge, foreign language, science, art, sports and social sciences in elective courses. In the middle school, the student is given one point with the examination system called “TEOG” and “SBS”. This point determines the learner`s position to go to.

There are four high school types in Turkey, Anatolian High School, Science High School and Vocational High School and Imam Hatip High School. Vocational schools are the ones where vocational education is given. Science high schools are high-scoring and scientific knowledge is the forerunner. In Anatolian high school, normal curriculum is being studied. Imam preachers educate the clergy. In recent years, the number of vocational high schools and imam preachers has been increasing.

Students who finish high school enter university exam. Some high school sections are awarded extra points according to the division they prefer in college.

Since college education is a very broad topic, we will write it in another article.

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