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Interesting Traditions Relating to Birht

In some areas, pregnant women wear “nazar boncuğu”.It is believed that the “nazar boncuğu” protects from bad looks. What pregnant women want to eat is brought to them immediately.If pregnant women want sour food, it is believed that the child is a girl. If she wants sweet food, the child is thought to be a man.

When the baby is born, his father or imam recite the azan in his ear and says the name of the child three times.

Baby`s umbilical cord is buried in the mosque garden to be a good Muslim. umbilical cord to be a good student of the baby is buried in the school yard. These beliefs are still prevalent.

Be very careful with newborn women. It is believed that various supernatural powers will try to harm the newborn women. Therefore, the Qur`an is placed in the room of the newborn woman and the newborn child. Newly born women never leave alone.

The red ribbon is attached to the newborn woman. In addition, sherbet is offered to those who come to see him.When the baby is 40 days old, it is washed with salty water. If washed with salty water, it is believed that child will not smell of sweat.

The nearby people visit the delivery person, see the newborn baby and give him a gift.

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