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Renting House and Expenses in Turkey

House Rentals in Turkey

Especially in big cities like Istanbul, rents are quite expensive. However, rentals in the districts and in the countryside are quite cheap. The rents of 2 + 1 apartments in a good neighborhood in Istanbul vary between 1600 TL and 2500 TL. In south and eastern parts of Turkey, rents are more suitable. Of course, the tourist districts are not in this scope. In the southern and eastern parts, rents can also be requested annually. Adana, Mersin, Gazi Antep in cities such as 2 + 1 house rents are generally between 500-700 TL.

Apartments are generally well maintained. There may not be insulation in old buildings. The price of 1 cubic meter of water in ─░stanbul is 5.40 TL. The price of 1kw of electricity in Istanbul is 0.31tl. If you want to ask questions, you can ask your question from Q & A.

You should be careful about real estate agents in Turkey. Recently it has become common to rent a house from the internet. With a good internet search you can find a house with the features you want. If you need help in this regard, you can contact us.

Home Expenses

Dues for common apartment expenses and apartment cleaning are collected. The fee is between 30 TL and 200 TL depending on the apartment.

In large cities, warming is usually provided by natural gas. However, there is still no use of natural gas in most of Turkey. The average natural gas cost of an average house is between 400 TL and 700 TL.

Vegetables and fruit are cheap. But red meat is expensive. Instead of large grocery stores for vegetables and fruit, you should prefer markets that are established on certain days in the neighborhood.


You do not have much choice for the Internet. All internet infrastructure except Superonline`s fiber infrastructure belongs to TTNET. And this infrastructure is not enough anymore. Internet providers reduce your internet speed after downloading 50gb or 75gb. This is the fair use quotation.

If you do not want to be stuck in a fair use quota, they charge about twice as much. There is no fiber infrastructure in my place, I use TTNet by paying about 60TL monthly fee.

Mobile phone

There are 3 major GSM companies. Turkcell, Vodafone and Turk Telekom. The strongest signal belongs to Turkcell. The cheapest and lowest signal belongs to T├╝rk Telekom. Vodafone is in the middle of the other two, both in quality and price.

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